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Phoenix Defective Products Lawyers

Hurt by a Dangerous or Defective Product? Our Lawyers Are Here to Help.

Product defect litigation is a specialized area of law, dealing with accidents where people are seriously injured or killed by a product that is defective in its design or manufacture. A product can also be defective if warnings about its proper use are inadequate or misleading. These cases can often involve complex engineering and design issues.

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Product defect cases are always vigorously defended. These cases take a long time and can be intimidating to clients who have no experience with the legal system. At Stark Williamson & Clausen LLP, we will help you at every step to be sure that you receive fair personal injury compensation for the injuries caused by a defective product.

Successful in a Broad Range of Product Defect Cases

Although the bulk of our product defect cases involve vehicles with defective tires, roofs, seat belts or doors, we are not limited to vehicle cases. We have also obtained good results for clients who have lost their vision from defective sports goggles, worn protective clothing that did not prevent acid burns, operated industrial equipment without proper safeguards and been run over by farm equipment with defective transmissions.

We know that product liability accidents can cause strain on every aspect of a family's life. Use us as a resource because we have been through this and know how we can help.

We Have the Knowledge and Versatility to Mount a Serious Investigation

Our Phoenix defective products lawyers will promptly and fully investigate all causes of the problem. We have the intelligence, resources and the versatility to integrate and analyze complex plans and designs, and to present an understandable and compelling case before judges, opposing counsel and juries.

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We want to hear what happened. We want to help. Call our Phoenix defective product attorneys at 602-285-4450 or contact us by e-mail to schedule an appointment.

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